An example of compromise is a very clean person who decides that they are not mop every day to have a good family time. Talfourd is firmly inclined to compromise with printers on any conditions. “Make compromises.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Access 27 Nov 2020. What made you compromise? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). A secret mission that was compromised and had to be abandoned. 2mas noun The appropriate acceptance of lower standards than is desirable. They would then expect the Senate to introduce this amendment and a compromise just over 60 days to keep the government open. It is clear that he does not like my compromise, but he seems resigned. Honestly, if you keep compromising him and his name, by coming into his studio like that, it`s going to ruin him. An example of compromise is a teenager who wants to go home at midnight, while his parents want them to come home at 10 p.m., and finally accept them at 11 p.m.

Politics on both sides in South Asia leaves little room for compromise or dialogue. Estophobia tends to compromise my relationships and turn me into a selfish jolt. We are all – you do not – we compromise all compromises because other people compromise. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for compromise Honestly was the first to try to find a compromise between the directly opposite views of beef and Neumann. But after reaching a compromise, the IRS approved the school in March 2002 as a tax-exempt non-profit organization. He complained of his freedom on the grounds that slavery in free territory was illegal under the compromise. 1An agreement or settlement of a dispute obtained by each party making concessions. He tried to compromise security in the computer by guessing the password. Incongruous design is a compromise between high technology and the early Americans.

Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and advanced search – ad-free! Late average English (mutual consent to arbitration): from the old French compromise, from the late Latin compromise `a consent to arbitration`, from com-`together` -promise). Average English, reciprocal promise to stick to the decision of an arbitrator, Anglo-French compromises, Latin compromisesum, neutered compromise, Compromittere`s past, to promise each other to promise to com-promittere – more to the promise 3with object Put yourself in danger by indiscreet, stupid or ruthless behavior. . Test your knowledge – and learn interesting things along the way. This would not be the first term of Russian espionage.