Amazon will use geofiltration and digital rights management technologies in a manner that is non-discriminatory to similar content providers. The content provider accepts that Amazon exercises the rights granted exclusively in the territory, provided That Amazon complies with the above commitments. The content provider acknowledges that Amazon does not provide any assurance as to the effectiveness of the geofilter technology or digital rights management technology it uses and agrees that Amazon is not responsible for the failure of this technique. l. Public measurement. Only for U.S. customers, some third parties, z.B. advertisers and content owners, are interested in understanding how their content is cut across premium video channels. During the display of certain channels, Amazon can provide information about your visual behavior to third parties in order to enable target group measurements and market research. Click here to learn more about these measurement services, the channels they contain and your selection. For each title, “delivery material” (i) means a copy of the title with the highest resolution at your disposal, (ii) all advertising materials (including, but not limited, to all images, trailers, logos and artworks related to the title), (iii) the audio language labels and files for the title in accordance with Amazon`s technical specifications , but in all cases in accordance with the applicable law for the territory and section 11 of this agreement (all metadata) that are related to Amazon`s technical specifications.

Title and (v) all available information regarding content assessments, including rating and consumer advice, in accordance with the applicable territory law and Section 13 of the agreement. A content owner can license programming on multiple streaming platforms such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, meaning that licensing agreements between parties are not exclusive. Licensing agreements that are not exclusive are generally less expensive to obtain because non-exclusivity reduces the value of the content. For example, the owner of a television show might agree to allow Netflix to broadcast all seasons of its show for one, three or five years. The license agreement may restrict or exclude Netflix to certain regions.