I`m Ronald, I can terminate the contract if there are reasons. Actully, my agent agent miss-represents me when she said the gym is active — hiding a small hole in the middle of the floor. I rent a studio T1 and 1 and 1/2 month stay, but I would like to terminate my contract without penalty or pay rent for an extra month. Thank you very much. I bought a Pag-ibig unit at a discounted price, the unit has a tenant and knows that I am the new owner of the unit, even though we do not rent them from the time I owned the unit. We will inform the tenant in November 2014 that they must evacuate the unit, as I have to demolish and build a new house for personal use. The tenant is applying until March 2015, since her daughter has completed the school year. On March 1, 2015, the tenant asked us to offer them a move, as they stayed 12 years in the unit. Is it up to the unit owner to move the tenant? What are the rights of a landlord and tenant in this situation? Thank you, God bless. Rented for more than 10 years, as recently as last month, our landlord said that he would not increase our rent, since our contract will end this march, but that he will only add a 12% tax and that he will issue a receipt from now on (beforehand, he will only give us a written receipt in regular loan paper.) Our previous rental was 14,750 (including 1k for parking, although it`s an apartment and no condo. And now it`s become 16k more. Are there no tax exemptions for tenants? And in addition to wanting to add that 12% vat (x2- for our two-month deposit), is it legal? Should he really add our deposit just because he has a tax on our rent? And what he hasn`t even repaired every year we`ve rented, he says, all repairs are safe. I also read that deposits in a bank must be retained as trustees and interest should be paid with monthly deposits or after departure.

Is that true in our country? Thank you very much. The tenant can terminate the lease at any time. The tenant may also withhold rents if the landlord refuses to make the necessary repairs or not to keep the tenant in peace and enjoyment of the rented property. The parties choose the above addresses as their physical addresses for the purpose of providing a notification, payment of any amount and legal action in connection with this property lease. Each party can change the information about its physical addresses at any time, by written notification to the other party. This amendment will come into effect on the 7th day after the other party receives the notification. Any notification that the landlord must send to the tenant is considered valid if it is sent by prepaid recommended letter to the tenant in the property or left by the landlord or his representative at that address, which is considered to be 5 days after the publication by recommended letter or on the day of sending the notification by telephone. However, in the event that the tenant does not pay rent, electricity, telephone, water or other electricity bills or destroys parts of the house and accessories, the resulting deposits and interest expire for the benefit of that amount in order to the extent of the financial damage it has caused. This room rental agreement is between [HOMEOWNER] («owner») and [RENTER] («tenant»). It is a legally binding agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the parties and aims to promote budgetary harmony. Unlike oral agreements, written agreements are generally respected by law and carry more weight when they must enforce tenants` financial obligations and obligations.