This directive does not affect national contract law legislation that governs the rights of contracting parties to terminate the credit contract on the basis of non-performance of the contract. The court did not find any infringement on astra`s part, which did not justify the termination. The hybrid network includes a proactive threshold manager that draws service providers` attention to the impending breach of contract. Finally, Real Madrid indicates that it could have s claimed compensation for the damage caused by the failure of the city of Madrid to comply with the contract. . an offence, such as a default or unpaid payment, a breach of contract such as non-payment of interest or capital income. Investors can withdraw it by a simple majority, but only in the event of a breach of contract, by a simple majority. It should also be excluded in the event of a serious absence from contract performance or bankruptcy. The retraction rights of other investors are considered intellectual property rights, as they can only be exercised in the event of a breach of the contract. .

The purpose of this protection would be to guarantee this client financial compensation in case of damage resulting from a non-compliance (total or partial) of the contract. . The buyer has in case of default of contract.