— the nature of the offence; — The specific terms of the lease; — The owner`s business objectives with regard to the property. The terms of the tenancy agreement should allow for the forfeiture of the tenancy agreement in the event of a breach of contract, which means that the dwelling is returned to the free owner. In cases where a tenant has arrears and these continue to be incurred in order to avoid legal costs and minimize emergencies, it is recommended that you get independent advice. B by LA, a housing advice service, citizens` advice, the Leasehold Advisory Service or a lawyer. If your tenant has breached their tenancy agreement (for example. B by modifying the property without your consent), the violation may be beneficial to you or may be a justifiable violation. In these cases, you can enter into a licence after the fact or give your consent. When you purchase a rental property, the tenant`s obligations must be checked before the obligation to purchase to ensure that the provisions will not cause any problems with the future use of the property. It is also necessary to verify existing offences committed by a former owner, for which subsequent owners may be responsible.

Often, you need a court or a court to order the compensation. We can help you and make sure you follow the necessary procedure. First, you need to prepare a document called a «hint.» This requires a tenant to correct the offence if it can be corrected. If they do not, you can then continue to ask the court for possession on the basis of forfeiture. At this point, the tenant can apply for a forfeiture exemption that a court would normally grant under certain conditions, such as repairing the infringement and paying your fees. As a general rule, most states allow a landlord to terminate a tenancy agreement if the tenant: in the event of an application or dispute, the tenant should first refer to the tenancy agreement itself and seek professional help before deciding what to take. The Tenants Association (LA) advises its members on the interpretation of residential rents. It may also include conditions for the sale or transfer of the lease; the landlord may have the first opportunity to purchase the rental interest and the tenant can seek the landlord`s agreement before the sale. This plan is usual when the landlord is a registered charity or social housing provider, also known as a housing company.

This is a summary of the legal rights available to tenants who, in addition to contractual rights, are included in the lease of their respective properties: if the proceedings are tried in the regional court, automatic relief is made if all arrears and costs of the application are paid to the court at least five days before the hearing.