In October 2018, India reached a $5.43 billion agreement with Russia to procure four S-400 surface-to-surface missile defense systems, the world`s most powerful missile defense system, ignoring CAATSA. [37] India and Russia signed 14 MbUs at DefExpo 2020. It included land, air, naval and other high-tech civil products. The agreements signed aim to exceed $16 billion in defence trade between countries. Highlights The US$16 billion trade between countries includes S400 missiles, Kamov helicopters and Kalashnikov rifles. .. India signed an agreement with Russia last year to purchase the S-400 missile defense system. The United States expressed its displeasure and threatened to ban India via CAATSA. India will receive the first delivery of the S-400 missile defence system from Russia in 2021. India signed a $5.43 billion agreement with Russia to purchase five S-400 systems at the 19th Indorussian biennial conference in New Delhi in October 2018. At the end of 2017, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian government officials signed a $US 2.5 billion agreement for the delivery of S-400 air defense units.

[43] Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed concern about Turkey`s S-400 agreement with Russia,[44] but President Erdogan and other Turkish officials rejected the threat of U.S. CAATSA sanctions for the purchase of S-400 missile systems, referring to existing international protocols and existing contractual forms, which Turkey and Russia have signed and mutually agreed to. , and that the S-400 offer with Russia would be a better deal than the patriotic system offered by the United States. [45] [46] Take weekly app tests to prepare for the exam and compete with others. Download Current Affairs and GK App An identical bill was introduced by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on July 12, 2017. Although the text of the legislation remained unchanged from what had happened in the Senate on June 15, it was characterized as a House of Representatives bill to avoid procedural obstacles. [8] The bill was revised to address some of the Trump administration`s concerns and passed the House of Representatives 419-3 on July 25.

[9] On July 27, the legislation was passed by an overwhelming majority in the Senate. [10] Two oil companies ordered crude oil from Iran for November and ignored CAATSA. [39] [40] The United States has threatened India with sanctions because of India`s decision to buy Iranian oil. [41] The RSTV discussions of “The Big Picture” are highly relevant from the point of view of the UPSC review in the civil service. In this article, we can understand the importance of CAATSA in the context of the S-400 missile defense system that India bought from Russia, India`s backdoor diplomacy with Washington, the renunciation of India and its importance, themes: CAATSA – Oil and Gas – OPEC – Saudi Arabia – Shale Gas Although it has been widely reported in the media that those on the list can be subject to sanctions “[77] the CAATSA report itself specified that it “should not be interpreted in any way to impose sanctions on these individuals or entities.” He also clarified that the inclusion in the report “does not constitute an agency`s provision that one of these individuals or entities meets the criteria for designation under a sanctions program,” and does not in any way state that “the United States.