The cpD`s continuous subscription (Continuous Professional Development) to continuously monitor the current legislative changes – Compliance with the anti-money laundering law – the insurance of professional civil liability to ensure that we ever make a mistake on your accounts – Continuity agreement if we can no longer be accountants – another company will be able to intervene! Letter of commitment that we sign with all our customers to ensure that we fulfill what we have promised at the agreed price – bound by CIMA`s Code of Ethical Conduct. If you ever decide to leave our company, we would pass your business in a responsible and cooperative manner. All mips must ensure that the services offered to their clients are maintained in the event of illness, disability, death or dissolution. This can be done either through an internal agreement within your firm or through a written agreement with another accountant or company. The cp agreement should at least cover the essential services you will provide. In practice, members are required to submit written conditions of cooperation for all clients with whom they have a direct business relationship and are therefore paid directly by that client. This is a formal agreement between them and their client, which details the responsibilities of each party and the nature of the work required. Disclaimer: Members should always get adequate advice before using the CIMA sample continuity agreement and ensure that they are fully adapted to the circumstances. CIMA conducts quality assurance reviews for continuity agreements.

You must send a copy of your continuity contract to CIMA upon request. The Continuous Partner (CP) is an important means of discernment between CIMA members in practice (MiPs) and other qualified or other accountants who are not members of CIMA. It is encouraging for clients to know that their immediate delays and other urgent work are facilitated by another accountant who understands their needs. Hello Nicola Why does Sage need an update? Many have been using it for years without, if it doesn`t have sage cover, I wouldn`t care. I suggest you use it on its systems, as the installation on your might be contrary to its license. If you need CIS on Moneysoft, then you have to pay for the highest version, of memory, so yes, it will give you access to the multi-company version. The helpline is only available on weekdays, but very well. You also have the backup and recovery version, which I encourage you to make regular backups, as with sage. Saves a lot of problems in case of error.