Interpretation: CSF biomarkers measured with the Lumipulse G system show good consistency with amyloid imaging in a clinical environment with heterogeneous representations of neurological disorders. The combination of A-1-42 with A-1-40 increases the match between markers of amyloid pathology. Method: A total of 516 participants in the ALFA study (N-205) and ADNI (N-311) were subjected to PET ([18F]flutemetamol or [18F]florbetapir) and the determination of the ad-CSF biomarker with Elecsys® tests. The record of the tracer was quantified in centilioid units (CL). Optimal centiloid sections were sought to maximize the match between PET and dichotomous values based on the CSF values of A-42, tTau, pTau and their ratios using predefined baseline cut-off values. To this end, a recipient exploitation identification analysis (OCR) was conducted and centiloid cuts were calculated as those that maximized the Youden-J index or the total percentage agreement recorded. The FSB has the right to delegate the implementation of the agreement or part of it to third parties (service providers) (external). In such cases, CSF is only responsible for the due diligence required in the selection and/or instruction of third parties. As a general rule, CsF consults with the client before making a decision.

If the CCA is to act as a financial intermediary and provide services under anti-money laundering legislation (AML), the client is required to provide the CCA with complete information and documents relating to commercial and/or financial transactions and identification purposes. The client is required to keep CSF informed of changes in his or her personal circumstances for the duration of the contract. The following rules of liability apply when there are no contrary written agreements between CSF and its customers: objective: to determine the limits that optimized the agreement between 18 F-Florbetapir-Positrone-Emissions Tomography (PET) and A-1-42, with the instrument LUMIPULSE G600II, the incised ratios (CSF) measured in cetacean liquid (CSF) were quantified, the concentrations of these four biomarkers were quantified in 94 CSF samples taken by participants in the Sant Pau Neurodegeneration Initiative (SPIN-Cohort) with the Lpulsum G system with available 18-Florbetapir imaging. Amendments and amendments to the agreements are only valid if they have been agreed in writing by the parties. The overall validity of an agreement is not affected by the invalidation or inapplicability of a single provision. An invalid or unenforceable provision is replaced by a provision that covers the original intentions as precisely as possible. CSF reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes are communicated to the Customer in writing or by any other appropriate means and take effect without opposition within one month. The correspondence is sent to addresses specified by the customer.

Changes to the address are communicated to the CCA as soon as possible. By dividing an email address for communication purposes, the customer agrees to communicate with CSF by email and accepts any associated risks, such as illegal intrusions or damage caused by viruses. The client undertakes to put in place appropriate protection against illegal intrusions and viruses and to inform CSF of the occurrence of risks such as the illegal intrusion of email accounts or other electronic media or devices. All agreements between the FSB and its clients are governed by Swiss law.