You can make your corporate equipment policy as general as you like, cover all equipment that could be distributed to employees; For example, maybe also a laptop or cell that you like to facilitate from home by providing ergonomic office chairs. If you only have one type of equipment available to staff or prefer to have a separate document for each device, you can create something as simple as an «employee`s laptop agreement.» This PDF model for the personnel equipment agreement is your instant model for your requirements regarding the staff equipment agreement. This model allows you to enter details and information about the equipment and information of the personnel who must use the equipment. If the employee signs his signature, this document becomes enforceable and effective when printing. Insurance companies are generally offered by organizations for their customers, customers, passengers or employees. It helps protect the company or an institution in the event of accidental debts. However, insurance companies generally do not allow dual insurance or pose more problems than the solutions by which each provider will try to decide each other on who is responsible for the compensation of the insured. Or it`s an additional burden for policyholders, which may turn out to be costs they can`t afford. In such cases, companies or institutions must document only their subject matter, which prefers to opt out of the insurance they offer.

A waiver of insurance is therefore necessary. This PDF model for insurance waiver helps customers, customers or employees opt out of insurance offered by businesses or institutions and documents a formal request that the alleged insured should not be part of the program that an institution offers to its customers and employees. The model is prefabricated with all the areas you need an agreement on the use of equipment, Including: Most companies already have a corporate equipment agreement in effect, but recent changes in the world of work and the fact that more employees are using corporate equipment off-site means that it is increasingly necessary to ensure that you have included all the essentials in your corporate equipment policy. I understand that at the end of my working relationship, I will hand over the equipment and return it to the company. I have the option to buy the equipment from the company if this is the case on time. In the absence of notification, the company has the right to withhold my last salary until the return of the device or this notice. The form you see on the right is an appropriate template for these device usage agreements. The agreement should also include details on prohibiting the loan of equipment to others, keeping the object in a safe place from heat or liquids, and taking equipment out of the office, if necessary. They may also provide a provision that the company can verify compliance with maintenance rules and that the company can make them financially responsible for the problems posed by inappropriate care. It is also the best part of the agreement to list what is considered company property, from laptops and mobile phones to office chairs and office monitors.