LIFE 2019 Specific grant agreements for non-governmental organization application forms (AGS) [.zip] LIFE 2019 call for proposals for operating grants to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the conclusion of Framework Partnership Agreements (VPAs). Closed Appeal (June 3, 2019) Announcement of the results of the VPA proposals to all applicants Restricted applications addressed to certain candidates to submit their concrete proposals for grant agreements (work program and budget 2020) Signature of the VPA . The main changes to the last update of 25.11.2020 are on page 1. Submission of SGA applications (see invitation via email) . . Signing of the specific operational grant agreements (SGA) for the 2020 YEAR LIFE 2019 Call for proposals for operating grants in support of the package of applications from non-governmental organizations [.zip]Attention: financial forms 3.c (Excel files) have been updated due to a technical problem in the previous version. Please use the new version. . Deadline for submitting APV proposals (biennial strategy 2020-2021) Deadline for submitting VPA proposals (biennial strategy 2020-2021) for manual applications for the central postal service — see Appel Section 11 Download: 2017 Model LIFE Grant Agreement (NOT for Integrated Projects- see below) To ensure continuity of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily adjusted the requirements for submitting changes and/or payment requests.

These requests must be emailed to the following, a copy of the appropriate EASME project advisor and external monitor. For heavy emails with multiple attachments, alternatives such as Dropbox can be used to transmit information. Please do not send us copies of these requests. If your project was funded by the 2007-2013 LIFE program, please use the documents published on the LIFE Project Management page (2007-2013). Watch the video recording of the event. Download the presentations. [PPTX] For further requests, please contact the external monitoring team. Thank you for your understanding in these exceptional circumstances. These financial and administrative guidelines aim to help applicants and beneficiaries of the LIFE programme understand: At national level, each EU Member State has appointed a competent national data protection authority. Here you will find policies, checklists, tools and advice on the RGPD in national languages. .

LIFE Operating Grants for ENVIRONMENTAL and climate NGOs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Responses to the Call for Proposals 2019 The European Commission has published guidelines, questions and answers, information on the RGPD and its application to businesses and organisations, as well as to the RGPD library. . For individuals and organizations participating in the LIFE program, particularly those managing ongoing projects, this section provides valuable material for day-to-day work. On these pages: Deadline for filing SGA 2020 applications (see email invitation to VPA partners) Update on 28.07.2017, please note that the LIFE2017 grant model has been revised to correct procedural errors: Type. I.1 now refers to Appendix II instead of Appendix I — art. II.19.2 has had a dual use of the dot (h), which has now been corrected All your questions about the impact of COVID-19 will be answered in this section. The information day for THE CALL for Proposals on LIFE`s operating grants took place on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at eASME. Starting May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace Data Protection Directive 95/46. The RGPD harmonizes the national laws of EU Member States arising from this directive. Any individual or corporation that collects or uses in any way personal data about persons for professional purposes must comply with the new rules.