Answer: No. Point 5.07 (b) does not require publication of the number of votes not voted by the broker with respect to the advisory vote on the frequency of shareholder advisory votes on executive compensation. If an entity believes that this information would be useful to investors, it may disclose this information in point 5.07 (b). [July 8, 2011] Must notify of any changes to articles or statutes. A company must notify any changes to its by-laws or by statute that has not been adopted by a shareholder vote in accordance with a previously filed mandate, indicate the effective date and, if necessary, describe the amended provision. Question: Is the requirement in 4.02 to file a Form 8-K applicable when a company concludes that a previously issued document should no longer be relied upon for an error in such a state of obtaining, as addressed in FASB Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, for pro forma financial information? Position 2.01 maintains the physical requirements of the former Item 2 of Form 8-K with respect to the disclosure of an acquisition or disposal of a significant amount of assets other than ordinary transactions. The registrant is directly or conditionally liable for an obligation arising from an off-balance sheet agreement: the registrant is not required, in accordance with point 5.02 (e), to disclose the target values relating to specific quantitative or qualitative performance factors or other factors or criteria relating to confidential business secrets or confidential business or financial information. disclosure would prejudice competition to the registrant. This position is consistent with the processing of similar information in accordance with Note 4 to 402, Point b), Regulation S-K and Regulation 2 relating to Article 402 (e) (1) of regulation S-K. [April 24, 2009] If you do not receive file items that are not subject to the Safe Harbour on time, the S-3 form will be lost for 12 months.

When a company fails to submit a form 8-K in a timely manner to disclose the information required for items on Form 8-K that are not covered by limited shelters, the company is not allowed to use Form S-3 (or Form S-2) for 12 months following the expiry date of this 8-K form.