Please note that we are very selective and that only highly qualified families are allowed to take care of our breeding dogs. We have a telephone interview and a home visit. Our breeding program depends on the quality of care provided by our guardian families — we expect the best life possible for our dogs. If one of these obligations is not met, this may lead to the termination of the guardianship contract and the reimbursement of a livestock tax due to date, and if the dog cannot be used as a breeder, a penalty of 3000 USD is due. If the dog dies in the care of the breeder, the breeder makes a substitute puppy available free of charge to the guardian and the guardian contract is terminated. If the dog dies accidentally due to circumstances beyond the control of the keepers, the keepers do not owe payment to the breeder. This contract is between the Breeder, Kressin Doodle/Beth Kressin and – This agreement applies to the guardianship of a man/woman, The dog will continue to be owned by Beth Kressin for years – from the date of the contract or until the contract is terminated by one of the parties in a manner defined in this Agreement. For the dog, the payment was paid to the dog. The guardians can return the dog at any time for any reason and the guardian contract is terminated. Illness, injury or death of the dog during education The parents dog becomes a companion/pet and has the chance to be part of a family and home – and large puppies are bred. This breeding dog and parents lives in his eternal home, grows, is trained, is well socialized, loved and cared for and is part of the family.

What could be better? The Guardian Family has the opportunity to have a really wonderful dog at a very low price in exchange for collaborating with us for a limited number of throws. The custodian family receives a contractual amount to throw it from each dog during the duration of the contract or a certain amount per stud for a male. It`s a total “gain” for everyone, the parents` dog, the caretaker family and Kressin Doodles! We believe that parents` breeding dogs deserve a beautiful home and a good life. Sometimes our program requires that we have more dogs than we can lovingly keep in our home, so our answer is that some of our breeding dogs can leave us and be part of another family`s life and home. Later, they come back to us to raise, and for the females, again, when it`s time to give birth to the puppies. Thank you for your interest in our home tutoring process. Guardian Home Families must live in Georgia, and/or within 2 hours of Macon, and the family must be ready to meet us halfway to get the dog from our house during breeding and whelping periods.