The exclusion cover protects anything but components that need to be maintained regularly, such as .B. Exclusion cover protects: I have a 100 km mile bumper on the bumper warranty that includes electrical, high-tech electronic and Electricity Plus (Plan CA Companion). I`m 73k miles away, I refuse cover for ignition coil replacement. The plan is announced as bumper bumper. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied and I will do it wherever I can. The dealer with whom my car is located is also disoriented, and the service manager just told me that he never heard of a bumper plan that didn`t cover the inflamed coils. Update of 22.01.2020: It`s now day 2 and after further testing and sending images to the warranty company, I was told it would take a little longer to decide whether to replace my power steering gear, not power steering. I don`t understand the delay. The truck is in the garage, has never had an accident and has always been driven with care. The dealer will call them back in the morning to see what they have decided.

The update is coming. Managing an unexpected air conditioner, heating or plumbing is usually very stressful for homeowners. At Horizon Services, we are always looking for ways to make our customers` lives easier by trying to relieve the stress of your air conditioning, heating or sanitary service. In this sense, we are proud to offer our exclusive priority partnership plan. Members of this program will benefit from a number of benefits, including discounts, preferred services and regularly scheduled maintenance services, which can extend the life of your system and reduce the need for costly repairs on the line. Membership in our priority partnership plan is essentially a year away. With the Horizon Services Priority Partner Plan, you feel like you have your own air conditioning, heating and sanitary concierge on demand! Do NOT buy a warranty from this company. All they do is refuse any assertion that it is not covered. If you buy a bumper at the bumper warranty and they say it is not covered. That`s their normal answer. You should know all the little nuances of your car. He says they cover the air conditioning, but if an actuator is defective and it clicks and turns, even if the car is off and could drain the battery or worse catch the wiring on the fire that is not covered.

3 things for which I brought my car in less than a year that their response is not covered and rude about it. Your customer service sucks in and makes adjustments. STAY AWAY from them. Although Portfolio Protection does not display any prices on its website, it displays average repair costs for cars that you can expect without insurance coverage. It`s a wonderful professional company! I have a flat tire on a Saturday night… I was told 7-10 business days that I was going to receive my cheque for $170. Well, it was the 4th day, I received a check for 170 dollars! Thanks ya`ll for the quick and easy work. So worth the money I pay for the enhanced warranty! Recently, a new 2019 Ram bought 1,500 trucks. This “Express Five” portfolio guarantee service has been touted as an extended guarantee for small repairs. Especially the glass protection.