There are many reasons why it is important to write a home employment contract and make sure parents read and sign it carefully before starting to care for their children. The Kita contract is a contract that includes: Thank you Very Much LaToya! 🙂 good luck with your home care! When preparing your family doctor`s contract, you must provide clear information about your general availability, your daily routine and the activities you provide. All children in day care must be aware of their age or have written notarized documentation on the form of vaccination vaccine. These home cares allow them to do both. This is the actual form used in Minnesota, and the only form I haven`t created myself. This will give you an idea of what it should look like. Most states have their own form, some states do not have one at all. Having all the conditions of child care in writing protects both service providers and parents, which is in the best interests of the child. Use this kite contract if you plan to run a daycare, it is important to open a kite contract with a manual.

These documents describe all the guidelines, rules and expectations addressed to the parents you process on a daily basis. This document allows you to find clients who correspond to the type of daycare you want to operate without the child care contract or child care contract that you may have to deal with with a lot of problems on the street. Although the «All About Your Child» form and the day`s job are not required, the other kite forms mentioned above must be included in your records, in accordance with most state guidelines. These are some of the basic considerations that are included in your kita or child care contract. Even if your contract runs several pages as long as you`ve covered everything, you don`t have to worry. You`ll be better off with a long but complete contract, rather than a short one that`s easy for parents to read. There are many examples of day home contracts out there and many of them are a good start, but don`t feel limited by them, add and delete what you want. Check out all the model forms and contracts on The Daycare Lady or check out my full contract template at Where Imagination Grows! Your contract determines how you want to run your business and helps you find parents who are networking with the type of care you want to provide. It is obvious that it also protects you and your business, as in cases where a parent skips payment or cancels a sick child by establishing a mandatory agreement between you and your customers.