Iron ore fines delivered and dumped on the land designated by the supplier are legalized for the buyer`s benefit by the seller and iron ore fines, which are also subject to dumping by the buyer on the land in order to be legalized by the buyer, so that the stock can be fully held hypothetically at the buyer`s bank/s or its designated agencies. The seller authorizes the free exit and aggressiveness to the authorized agent (s) of the buyer, as well as to the authorized representatives of the banks designated by the buyer. The seller has no right to pledge or charge on this deposit of iron ore which belongs to the buyer. The seller must make the necessary documents in favour of the buyer before the start of the delivery of iron ore on the designated land in the seller`s port, which will be an integral part of the documents before the acceptance of the buyer`s acknowledgement against his BG. For each shipment of iron ore that does not meet the Fe specifications of point 3 above, The base price in point 4 is adjusted accordingly based on the fe content set at point 9:- At the loading port, the seller must designate, at the seller`s expense, a qualified indicator that determines the specifications of the ore ore content of each lot and provide a certificate detailing the determination and percentage of free moisture loss at 105oC. In order to maintain consistency in the quality of iron ore intricacies, the seller conducts daily sampling, testing and analysis at the unloading site, in order to maintain quality control by delivering the shipment for the benefit of all parties involved. The buyer will inform the seller Rs.250000 Lakes through Demand Draft, where he will operate/retire the internal letter of credit in question in accordance with the contractual format provided by the buyer. To be covered by the final customer from the moment the ore is loaded on board the ship. To this end, the seller informs the buyer by cable/telex/fax before the ship is loaded and immediately after the completion of the loading of the information covered in point 12 of this contract. C) Communication on load availability must take effect in office hours (9 AM — 6 PM) with open hatch with clean holding handles and, in all respects, for loading, at any time after the vessel arrives in the loading port, whether or not it is located in a berth.

If the vessel is not in free practice upon arrival at the dock due to caused by the vessel, a new availability declaration must be put in place. A) The seller provides the buyer in bulk, in seaworthy condition, the seller`s cash ship is always above water on a maximum authorized project if it is fully loaded at the loading site. The seller agrees to compensate the buyer of a performance obligation at 2.00% (P/B) calculated on the basis of the total value of the contract if the seller does not execute this contract. . The buyer informs the seller 5 (five) days before the vessel`s scheduled arrival date at a port in southern India, indicating the type of vessel and the service of the hatches. . A) Certificate of quality and certificate of quantity of goods under contract in five copies each, issued by SGS India Private Limited.