This part of an employment contract or independent contract is called «intellectual property transfer.» 1) Illegal and/or malicious recording and game login behavior, including, but not limited to recording malicious batches of game accounts, and in-game registration by breach of server authentication, malicious crowding, etc. At the end of this agreement, the developer will send the company an invoice for all services performed to date. (2) the use or sending of illegal or inappropriate words, characters and other content in Tencent Game, including the use as a game character name; The terms and conditions contain all payment requirements, Community standards and limited uses. It may also contain disclaimers and other clauses that are useful especially for your game. Once you`ve checked the differences between the terms and conditions of sale and the CLA for your mobile game, you can decide that you don`t need a CLA or if you distribute via Apple, as Apple`s standard CLA is appropriate. However, don`t assume that if you have an individual game with little or no interaction between users, you won`t have to list the rules of conduct. PandaTip: This part of the proposal defines the jurisdiction on which this contract must be evaluated. Both parties should agree on jurisdiction, as contract law may vary from place to place and all legal proceedings related to that agreement must be conducted in the jurisdiction indicated. If you have a new mobile game to boot, it is important to protect the intellectual property of your game and add the necessary legal arrangements. You understand and agree that Tencent has the right to make adjustments, updates or optimizations on relevant content in the game to provide users with a better Tencent Game Service (including, but not limited to the artistic design, performance and associated digital settings of characters, gaming devices and other gaming objects). 2.2 You also recognize and accept that you may not be able to load your gaming account or make a purchase if you use a guest account. Once you uninstall/reinstall Tencent Game, or replace your device as your mobile phone or computer, or your device is damaged, all game data generated while using a guest account can be deleted and not accessed or restored.

You are responsible for any losses resulting from these circumstances. You want to protect your stamps and mobile names because they will help you stand out in the market. 2.6 The game account is the identification that Tencent gives you the right to register and use Tencent Games and related services in accordance with this agreement, and its ownership belongs to Tencent. You only have the right to use the gaming account in accordance with this agreement, the QQ standard of Tencent WeChat software license number and the service agreement, «WeChat Personal Account Use Standards» and Tencent`s special rules issued for them. You cannot make your gaming account available to someone for any use, including, but not limited to allocating, renting and lending your game account to other people for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to live streaming, videotaping, replacement/game training and other commercial uses. Otherwise, you will be responsible for all legal consequences and commitments caused by your action and Tencent is allowed to take punitive action on your gambling account, including, but not limited to warning, restriction or banning the use of all or part of your game account function, removing the game account with game data and other related information, banning or deleting the game account, and you are responsible for any losses that result.