After Israel`s agreement on God`s terms, the covenant was ratified by blood (officially valid and binding). Today, we put our signatures on a treaty to formalize, for example, our consent to the terms. The ink of this federation was, so to speak, animal blood. Moses took the blood, spilled it on the people, and said, «This is the blood of the covenant that the LORD made with you, according to all these words» (Exodus 24:8). One of the central themes of the Old Testament is the idea of a union or agreement between God and humanity. The Bible lists a series of covenants that God has introduced. This includes: Later in the New Testament, Paul compares the written provisions of the Old Covenant to the spiritual relationship with God, enshrined in the New Covenant: in this New Covenant, God promises to forgive and bless anyone who follows his commandments. Jesus told Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish Council (the Sanhedrin): In the Bible, the word «covenant» usually has the idea of an agreement between two parties, in which one party is superior to the other; it is not an agreement between equals. The higher party enters into an alliance in which it agrees to give certain things to the losing party. This is the idea behind God`s agreements with humanity. After the flood, God made a covenant or agreement with Noah. The Lord said to him, «Obey me and do what is right.

I`m going to make an agreement between us, and I`m going to make you the ancestor of a lot of people. (Genesis 17:1-2) «That is why Christ brings to his people a new accord from God. Those who are called by God can now receive the blessings He has promised, blessings that will surely aery. They can have these things because Christ is dead, so that people who lived under the first accord can be freed from sin. (Hebrews 9:15) In the Bible we find covenants that have been made with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. Some of the alliances came with visible signs. For example, God gave Noah the rainbow sign in remembrance of his agreement with Noah; He would never destroy humanity again with a high tide. The descendants of Abraham should be circumcised to demonstrate their willingness to fulfill their covenant. In examining the different agreements that God has made with humanity, we find that God has always held his part of the agreement. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of people`s reaction. We failed miserably.

This is why a savior is urgently needed. Indeed, there are promises that are listed here, that go beyond what Solomon has accomplished. God`s agreement with David found its final fulfillment in Jesus. The Bible recounts the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, who explained how this covenant in Jesus is accomplished. The Bible says that, contrary to the agreement of the «Old Covenant» between God and the people of Israel, the New Testament recounts the «new covenant agreement» that God made with the Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews) through His Son Jesus Christ. In the Christian context, this new covenant is associated with the word «will» in the sense of a «will after the death of a person», with instructions for the inheritance of property (Latin testamentum)[25] of the original Greek word, used in the Scriptures, in the diatheque ([26], which, in the Greek context, means only «wants (after death)» and never practically «alliance». Alliance.» [27] This fact implies a reinterpreted vision of the Old Testament Covenant as a «will after death» qualifying in Christian theology and has attracted the attention of biblical scholars and theologians. [28] Reason is related to the translation of the Hebrew word for the covenant, brit () in the Septuagint: see «Why the Testament Word» in the New Testament article.