Book your home with the builder. You must fill out a booking form and normally pay a booking fee of up to a maximum of £500. If I compare it to new real estate, most of them already have a £1,000 booking contract. But what the government sometimes does, especially in cases of buying aid to buy, is to reduce these fees to £500 to motivate people – especially the large number of them who will be the first buyers. While the proposed fee for the pilot project will likely not change accessibility in advance, it would hurt accessibility if they want to opt out of an agreement and buy new real estate. Booking agreements should be beneficial for both buyers and sellers, at least in the vast majority of cases. This week, Mortgage Solutions asks: Do you think booking agreements are advantageous or hinder the buying process? Of course, there are many reasons why real estate sales are not carried out and these agreements will not completely eliminate cases of sales failure. At the end of the day, I think there`s a lot of leeway for these kinds of things. Every year, millions of pounds are lost because sales fail, and gasumping probably causes a significant part of it. Booking agreements will weaken some of it….