It should say “Give your license key” or “Update your silhouette software” if you click on it that`s where you can put your 16-digit number Your purchase of the commercial license option grants you legal permission to continue with the use of the image. Hello, from what I`ve seen, a lot of people have problems with the latest version of Silhouette Studio. There must be a bellow. Uninstall the software and go to Silhouette America, then in “Software” and click “Legacy Version” to view previous versions. You can download an earlier version. Personally, I`m at version 4.3.263 and I have no worries, but I`ve already downloaded new versions several times and I had to go back to a previous one because there were flexes. Amandine I would like to install the Cameo silhouette on my new computer. If I turn off my license key from my old computer to my new computer, do I lose all my file designs that I back up in my library? These are files that I created and stored in the Silhouette Studio library. SILHOUETTE AMERICA, INC. (“Silhouette America®,” “we,” “unser”) makes our site available to you (to the user) (, “Silhouette Design Store,” “Service”) subject to these terms of use, which may be modified from time to time at our discretion, with or without notice. The use of Silhouette America® website, now or in the future, indicates the adoption of the current terms of use. You agree to comply with all terms of use, as they may change from time to time. Silhouette America® may offer other services that may be regulated by additional or other conditions.

My computer kept clicking on the power supply, and then I made a communication error. I re-downloaded Silhouette, and now it`s not connected to the server. Please help me get different websites on the internet on my computer. I think I also downloaded several different times. So I think he might try to get up more than once. I`ll have the back while this thing happens. And the program doesn`t seem to be working properly, but I`m new. But it was better before you could help me with some advice. Thank you Debra If you are interested in becoming a contributing artist to Silhouette Design Store Content, you can contact for more information about the artists` contributor program.

All artists are subject to these terms of use as well as the additional standards and conditions that are made available directly to artists after approval of the Artists` Art Program. Commercial licensees may not broadcast or sell files in a format that contains the commercial image of the license. Commercial licensing options offer no right to adapt files and claim them as original creations, bypassing the ownership and rights of the original copyright holder. The licence fee is a lump sum and one-time payment for the unlimited commercial use of the design concerned, in accordance with the guidelines described above.