I`m a tenant, unfortunately, me and my wife split 7 months in a year`s rent (short-term rent secured) my wife contacted the landlord and asked permission to end prematurely for the rent — he sent the authorization to the rental agency and she emailed us saying they had permission to terminate the lease and for us on September 19 — this letter was dated 24/08/17! 2 weeks later, we receive another email that says that the owner does not want us to evacuate and that the letter succeeds all other correspondence received! all emails held so the registration of all . we can move or we have to ??? up to the full term of the year Thanks in advance It is different for tenants, they must only provide a «time» communication, z.B. if the rental is paid monthly, a full monthly period is required (which could be at the end of just under 2 months in advance, depending on the date of notification). Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is important to know the differences between a periodic lease and a fixed-term lease so that you can choose the one that suits you best…. My husband and I have now rented our original home — a two-bed apartment in a downtown that is as popular for professionals as it is for students. So we are lucky that we usually have a lot of interest when advertising is available. As we leave only one property, we do it ourselves and always use «instinct» when we choose a potential tenant. We came across an issue on which I would like to give myself some advice, but a potential tenant (couple) came up last week and suggested that it was themselves, their little child and a third man. The dog stated that she was going to pay (since she was at work) and therefore wanted to be the tenant mentioned, but we have reservations about the other two men. (Sorry to generalize to those who are decent and caring tenants, yes, they exist!) If we agree, should we add the three adults to sign the agreement, which will allow us to «check» them (get the id, check the financial/employment positions, etc.) instead of the only woman who takes responsibility for them? I do not want the apartment to be perhaps devastated by unemployed adults who have control only at the cost of a human life and little or no way to get it out, because they would not be named tenants.