Ruiz calls it «personal importance.» The concept looks at the idea that we see ourselves as the center of the universe. Especially unconsciously. People think that everything that happens revolves around them, it`s about us. But nothing others do really revolves around us. This is true for personal insults. Ruiz recommends staying away from the need to be right or win the argument. Our convictions are «our convictions». Our beliefs are chords we have chosen to perceive reality — our lenses. This is not to say that our beliefs are correct in one way or another. Avoid an argument by not trying too hard to convince others that your perspective or view of reality is the right version. Here, Ruiz`s first three chords have the rubber for the moment of the road. The other three agreements will enter into force with the final agreement.

As a child, I believed what my family, temple, community, advertising and company told me to believe. I have made agreements about what is right and wrong, attractive and ugly, appropriate and inappropriate. Not that there is anything wrong with this system by nature; We need social norms. But Ruiz proposes to question our long-term beliefs on our path to individual freedom. Although I haven`t read this book, the four points I understand are quite biblical. Shouldn`t we be people of integrity with healthy boundaries who value yes and no? I think you judge quickly. I understand that spiritualism can be dangerous if it is not directed by the Spirit, but when a Christian firmly masters the biblical teachings, I feel that these four tenants are only confirming the biblical truths. I am now more compelled to read the writings of this Lord because I stumbled upon your position. The solution after Ruiz is the four agreements. Create our own new and capable agreements, based on how this world actually works. This creates a new reality in which we can live.

This is where Ruiz`s four agreements come into play. How do we know the correct interpretation of Ruiz`s reference to John 1,1-5? We could break one of his four agreements and make an assumption about his intention. Or if you`re really interested in the truth, you might ask him. Ruiz encourages us to get used to these four agreements. Make it a goal and realize that it will take a lot of effort on our side. He admits that there will be times when we do not live according to the four agreements. Learn and be honest with yourself through the process. Start again in these moments, do not accuse or judge. We need to know that failure is part of transformation, and if you experience agreements through practice and failure, it becomes easier. If you fall, you will reopen. Let me explain the five agreements in my opinion using this metaphor. A major feature of this metaphor, which is evident in the rest of these two books, is that each person is a writer and director for their own film.

Here are the five agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz`s «The Four Agreements» was released in 1997 and was on the New York Times bestseller list for seven years…