1) Price agreements: for setting up selling and purchasing prices for combinations of items and debtors or items and lenders used to obtain the prices of items in orders and orders. Prices therefore apply to each item only for the Table A article code. To activate price/discount between the item and the customer 4. Trade agreements can be established in each of the group forms mentioned above. The Trade Agreement button allows trade agreements to be established for any type of relationship. Debitor A has a 20% discount on all items on the standard 8 trade price list. Trade agreements can also be put in place for a particular lender, item or group. Pingback: Calculating the total discount for | OrganicAX NOTE: This price and automatic calculation only applies to items (i.e. bis) that you have indicated in the agreement. (As we indicated 1 under 10 under Bis in the agreement) But I have a question that we can keep log/recording different price logs in AX? For example, in the retail sector customer wants a complete protocol for all price updates of an item like ITEM A in the price registration 1 price price of $10 and then after a period of time a discount/promotion is applied to Item A, the price at $8 makes when that action the user wants to increase the price to $12 of Item A by making a new 2 prize collection. Currently, AX updates prices only after the previous log has been deleted.

Is there a workaround to update the price without erasing log? these logs can be used for recording or minutes. Check the box for each type of chord on each tab you want to use to set the selling price for purchased items. As the name suggests, it is used to set up prices (sale and purchase prices) and discounts (line discounts, multiple discounts and total discounts) for combinations of items, debtors and lenders. Once price and discount rules are provided in trade agreements, current prices and/or discounts are called and applied to AX offers, orders and invoices. Sales — Marketing > Journals > price/discount agreements > and create a new book.-> Click Lines. ((100 — Discount 1%) — (100 — (100 — (100 — Discount 1%) — Total discount 2%): It is used to indicate a discount for the entire order. The total discount is used if the organization wishes to grant a discount that depends on the amount of the order of sale and not on the quantity of items ordered. For example, > If someone buys $500 of a product, I`ll make a discount on it. The discount will be 50USD, then 10% after. NOTE: Here I gave the group in the article code, which means I want to assign a discount to several items (as in the example).

We have set up in the system in accordance with the request of the example. NOTE: Multi-line discounts only work if you click the Multi-Line Discount button in the Sall tab almost in the Order form. Hello, I just found this blog and I have a problem regarding how the trade agreement «think» in the choice of price. I have trade agreements with different prices for the same start and end period, as AX thinks? What price does AX take? I also have an ABC Steel client set with an online discount the Second User has been set up for breaks for customer breaks from the discount line and UC800 Special discount items «promo» which gives a 30% discount on special products for a given period for all customers.