Veeam offers three support programs: Premier, Production, and Basic. In addition, there is an evaluation support program for 30 days after product download. Each program offers a guarantee of support via the web, email and phone, as well as the ability to open business via the web or phone. Customer support with Community Edition/Free License/NFR licensed products is best done. For more information, see the Veeam Customer Support Policy. You can also accept license agreements with dedicated orders. For more information, see Accept license agreements. Community Edition licensed products offer a fully functional version of the software for small environments, limited by units licensed as a free integrated license. Some versions of free products may require a valid free license («free license») available to each when registering the site. Please follow the instructions in the product surface to obtain such a license.

For novelties, changes (increase / reduction), cancellations please fill in the necessary points, such as the number of licenses required for the application form, and apply through the customer portal. Merger is permitted between Veeam Universal Licenses and other supported license types. Community Edition License Customers agree to receive email marketing messages from Veeam Software, with the option to unsubscribe. Upon expiration of the instance license, all product features will be disabled at the expiration of the courtesy period until the expired license is removed from the product installation. 1.0 Issuance of Licence. This EULA grants you, the user, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the object code software for internal commercial purposes (and not for the management of third party data, unless the product you expressly grant) under the terms set forth herein. The software is to be installed, used and provided in accordance with the specific license you have acquired, a description of the license is available under («Licensing Directive»). This AESE and the Licensing Guideline may be updated from time to time at Veeam`s sole discretion and are recalculated on the basis of «One-for-One» compliance (for example.B. 10 instances of the Standard Edition correspond to 10 instances of Veeam Universal Licenses). «Veeam Product License» or «Veeam License Key» or «License Key» is a transactional document that defines the license volume, the authorized units and options, and license terms such as license ID and media ID. Veeam License Key is usually required to enable the functionality of the software.

Help with installing product licenses can be found in the technical documentation. The Veeam License key defines the maximum number of licensed devices that the software can use or process from all objects in the connected source infrastructure. Customers can use copies of the software and a license key to manage the same or more source frameworks. In this scenario, customers must implement centralized license management (for example.B. Veeam Enterprise Manager) to monitor overall license consumption and compliance with license terms. Customers who need to combine purchased socket and instance licenses into a license key can do so on the customer portal ( Learn more about license key collections. Customers can migrate their existing Enterprise Plus Perpetual Socket licenses to Subscription Veeam Universal Licenses (VUL) through a special program. License migrations from Socket Perpetual to Perpetual VUL are also available.

Customers with lower editions can migrate to VUL, but an edition upgrade to Enterprise Plus is required….