29.8 A CTMC agreement applies to the majority. “After several consecutive years in deficit, Victoria University must now return to a surplus over the next four years and reduce spending and increase revenues and productivity,” said Lorraine Ling, team leader for enterprise negotiation at Victoria University. 26.4 A subpayment to an agent is corrected and the full payment to the agent is made within two working days of notification of the underpayment to the university by the agent, except that this payment can be made by mutual agreement between the agent and the university no later than after the date of remuneration for the next salary period. Melbourne`s Victoria University has called on employees to vote “yes” to a collective agreement for businesses, which increases employee working hours and streamlines dispute resolution procedures due to the deteriorating financial deficit at the university. 3.3 The university does not intend to exercise the right to resign from an officer on or resulting grounds related to COVID-19. Where there are circumstances that could dispossess an officer under the FW Act on the basis of a reason related to COVID-19 or arising from covid-19, such a view would require prior consent on the part of NTEU and the responsible officer. 17.2 “Seasonal Agents” are professional agents who, as such, are appointed on a permanent or temporary basis to work one or more periods or seasons of each year, which may be a calendar year as proposed by the university in accordance with point 16 or, subsequently, amended in accordance with the seasonal agent. Such a salary package is set in an agreement with the university, which states: 1) the worst salary and offer of overannuation of a university in Victoria. Before responding to a request in point 65 above, the University must review the application with the official and endeavour to reach an agreement on a change in the working arrangements that could satisfy the circumstances of the person concerned with respect to 77.1, notwithstanding the other provisions of that agreement that the University may agree during the Monday to Friday period and in agreement with the relevant officers and in agreement with the affected officers. – set a regime for extended working hours of 30 minutes (without food breaks) that would not carry a shift work penalty. An employee who agrees would not be required to work more than 80% of normal workdays (Monday to Friday). Such an agreement is not officially proposed or promised to the NTEU Monash University Branch until at least 21 days, and an agreement has been reached between the NTEU Monash University Branch and the University. If the university and the agent obtain an agreement, in accordance with paragraph 37.3 above, on a change in the work regimes different from that originally requested by the agent, the university must send the official a written response to his request, specifying the agreed changes to the work regimes.