A professional service contract is often preferred to a subcontract with projects whose requirements can be more effectively met by the use of an independent creditor or contractor. The difference is that a professional service contract is a one shot contract, whereas a sub-contract most often involves an ongoing relationship and a higher level of participation in the company. It is preferable to fully understand the scope and technical details of a professional service agreement, because once both parties sign, it will become a legally binding contract. In the event that you withdraw a request for a product or service filed, we also process the date of withdrawal of the application and the data indicated before the revocation. In some cases, our company also processes the customer`s personal data in agreement with another party (another administrator). These cases include, for example, cooperation with Easy Software Ltd., for third-party products or services or cooperation with third parties. For detailed information, it is always necessary to contact the respective administrator of personal data, unless our company is authorized to provide information in case of species. 2.5.2. Subject to your consent, which gives us the right to transfer the relevant information that constitutes personal data, we also forward your personal data to Easy Software Ltd. for the purpose of disseminating information, offering products and services of our company, protecting the rights and interests of our company and customer service. Internal controls of companies provide guidelines and procedures for the conclusion and transmission of an PPE. The guidelines often contain a request for supporting documentation to verify the need for the agreement and to verify the terms of payment.

In addition to the PPE, support documentation requirements may include, for example, a combination of a copy of an order, a requirement form or a project motivation form and a contractor`s service proposal. Paying a completed PSA may require the creditor to first file an invoice requesting payment. If you hire an independent contractor, you do not make any payments to that person`s taxes. Instead, the contractor is responsible for all tax payments for which he is responsible. This information will likely be included in the agreement. In the event of termination, not the Agency`s fault, the Agency is paid for the services rendered in due form prior to termination and for all refundable costs payable, but under no circumstances can this compensation exceed the maximum compensation to be paid under the Project Services Agreement. The Agency agrees that this payment adequately compensates the Agency and all subcontractors for all profits, costs, expenses, losses, liabilities, damages, taxes and taxes of any kind (predictable or unforeseen) resulting from the termination of the project contract. A standard contract could include the provision that the independent contractor is not entitled to represent the company in the provision of the agreed services. In addition, an agreement generally specifies that the company does not offer any benefit to the contractor. Personal data collected in connection with the provision of our products or services is personal data collected during our interactions. This includes: (ii) recordings of your preferred language of communication, interest in a product or service, your investment strategies or specific requirements that are communicated to us. B.

Repayment of non-cancelling benefits and obligations incurred by the contractor as part of the project`s closing, provided that the contractor provides the client with documents relating to the completion of the work or the costs incurred.