6.1 All confidential information (hereafter referred to as) is treated strictly confidentially by one of the parties and is not disclosed in any way by the other party to a natural or legal person, including, but not limited to photocopying, reproduction or electronic media, unless expressly provided for in this Agreement, and the receiving party takes all appropriate measures to that effect. This is especially important when parties have exchanged confidential information and/or listed companies are involved in a transaction. It is also normal that the terms of the agreement should be confidential and cannot be disclosed without the agreement of both parties. Confidentiality clauses are limited in time between 18 months and two years. Due diligence must be fully supported by the purchaser of the share purchase agreement prior to the transaction. Even after one hundred percent due diligence and review of buyers are not satisfied, so they want the seller to give the guarantee in the stock purchase contract, but for the seller`s perspective, it is uncomfortable and distressing. The less guarantees, the better. If the agreement reaches the negotiating table, it becomes a problem for the parties. 2.5 On the date of implementation of this agreement, sellers will make available to buyers and purchasers the unsuitable retraction letters, unsealed share transfer letters (form SH-4) that will communicate to buyers and purchasers the relevant details of the proposed directors and shareholders in order to change the management and transfer of shares of the company. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on the sale and purchase of the sale shares and replaces all communications, negotiations, commitments between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement, written or written.

The drafting of a share purchase agreement depends on the party representing a lawyer. Similarly, the number of insurances and guarantees is changing. But the beauty of the agreement lies in the transaction that governs the agreement. A share purchase agreement is the crown contract that any corporate lawyer wishes to establish. This article sets the tone for the creation of a .B spa. The enforcement, supply and enforcement of this Convention does not contrafly the law or to an agreement, order, judgment, decree in which the seller is involved. The basic concepts of the offer and acceptance of the offer must be respected in order to legally enforce the share purchase agreement. Since the share purchase agreement in India reflects the common understanding of both parties in the sale and purchase of the shares, it is important that the concept of both parties be defined in advance. The buyer`s right to contract, purchase and the ability to pay compensation and enter into future agreements are clauses included in this chapter. In the case where the buyer is a business, the buyer`s status must also be highlighted.

The process of selling shares to third parties is the purchase of the sale, but the process of repurchase of the shares sold is covered by the share repurchase agreement. Companies usually buy back shares when I have enough money to buy the same thing while covering operating costs.