Please note that we cannot recover money owed to anyone other than you under the agreement. The decision to terminate your car financing contract prematurely is called “voluntary termination.” Your debts may have an administrative fee or a fee for the collection and disposal of the vehicle that has been added to it. If you don`t pay it, the financial company could hire collection companies or take legal action. If you don`t pay these debts, it will probably affect your credit score. By voluntarily exchanging, you return the car, but you still have everything left to pay. The financial company will sell the car at auction, but if the car is not sold at a high enough price, it will follow you for the difference. Under UK law, you have the right to terminate certain types of car financing agreements prematurely. This is called voluntary dismissal. Section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act states that, in certain circumstances, you may voluntarily terminate a regulated hp or PCP contract. This applies to new cars as well as used cars. The legislation is designed to protect people who may have entered into a financing contract but, for whatever reason, can no longer afford monthly repayments. Although the law covers both PCP agreements and HP agreements, they differ slightly in their operation – keep reading how both work and how to implement them.

If you are having trouble paying the lease, it is possible to renew your contract in order to reduce the amount you pay each month. You should contact your financial services provider to negotiate these terms. In this scenario, the insurance offers you a billing price. If this number is enough to pay the financing on the car, then you can pay the money and leave. If the crash is so bad that your car will cost more than insurance would expect, it will be an “insurance amortization” and you will have to terminate your car financing plan prematurely. However, with an HP agreement, you usually get the 50% refund point at about halfway through the deal. You may have to pay an additional fee if there is damage to the car beyond reasonable wear. There are many reasons why you want to end your auto financing activities prematurely. For example, it might be you: But it`s important to note that you didn`t necessarily pay 50% of the funding if you get half of the PCP deal. This is because the total financial amount includes interest, fees and the final payment of the balloon.

The payment of balloons can be quite important. You may have to wait another time in the agreement to reach the point where you paid 50%. MINI Financial Services Loan Protection is designed to protect you from the effects of unforeseen life events when you need them most. This is an optional and voluntary plan to protect your lease obligations or loan to MINI if you suffer from a critical illness, involuntary loss of employment or disability (conditions applicable, including benefits and exclusions; see insurance certificate for full details).