Just think of the fact that there are countries that lack skills, energy, irrigation facilities, COMPUTER capacity and economic capital, and they want to do traditional agriculture. How will these countries compete with the United States, Europe or China, where governments have provided huge subsidies for the provision of these facilities? Fourth, it is through this policy that the government exercises control over agriculture, which in turn prevents large groups from playing a central role in this regard. Some members welcomed the WFP statement. They stressed the importance of humanitarian food aid for the pandemic to ensure food security for vulnerable populations and called on members to speed up negotiations within the Committee to reach an agreement that excludes WFP humanitarian purchases from export restrictions. WTO information on agriculture, including reports from WTO members Video: How to use AGIMS Although no agreement has been reached on public storage and agricultural subsidies, India has already begun to cut subsidies. On 13 July 2017, when india presented its grant account to the WTO, it was pleased to announce that it had not exceeded the limit of agricultural subsidies. The subsidy for fertilizers, irrigation and electricity, which stood at $29.1 billion in 2011, was reduced to $22.8 billion in 2014. In addition, undistorted subsidies from the market (called green box subsidies in the WTO) have also been sharply reduced, from $24.5 billion in 2011 to $18.3 billion in 2014. India`s strategies would be made up of many elements. It is important to introduce and apply the impact of the agreement on agriculture on Indian agriculture, including production, pricing, imports and exports, current tariffs and promised revisions. Available data show that, given our negative overall overall support for the status quo, there is considerable flexibility in tariffs, which means that there should be no obligation to reduce tariffs by 13% by 2004. These input subsidies are not subject to caps such as other agricultural subsidies, such as price and income subsidies, all of which are included in the «comprehensive aid measure» (AMS) category, which has limits («de minimis») of 5% of agricultural production for industrialized countries and 10% for developing countries.

News of agricultural negotiations See cotton news Some members stressed the importance of having both regular and ad hoc reports to improve transparency in emergencies such as the COVID 19 pandemic. They hailed the WTO`s goods measurement scheme on the WTO website COVID-19 as a useful tool for monitoring members` agricultural measures. Some have suggested adding a farm measurement tracker or finding a way to simply go through all the agricultural measures. The theme of COVID-19 and agriculture will be included as a permanent item on the Committee`s agenda at the request of members at the June special session. Members reviewed nine ad hoc reports on agricultural measures related to COVID-19 and four joint statements by members.