Does Texas` non-compete clause apply to both independent contractors and employees? While there isn`t much case law on this, the answer is almost certainly yes. In particular, one case before the Fort Worth Court of Appeal involved a non-compete dispute involving an independent contractor. Nor the company that is trying to . The former employees had also signed agreements not to convince Instant employees to leave the company. In the study, Instant argued that this provision was necessary to maintain a stable workforce. While this argument may work in some cases, the judge did not find it convincing in this case because recruitment companies, including Instant, have a high turnover. Why using a free template for your Texas no-go deal is a bad idea In today`s global and ever-changing business world, employers and employees have different types of contracts to consider. One of them concerns non-compete obligations. These extraordinarily large contracts have a significant impact on both parties and must always be drafted by experienced lawyers. In some. As an attorney who frequently handles contractual disputes related to Texas` non-compete obligations, one of the questions I get asked more than anyone else (by employers and employees) is, «Is my Texas non-compete agreement enforceable?» So the answer to the question of whether a particular Texas non-compete obligation is enforceable is, it depends. What an employee who is bound by a non-compete clause really wants to know is: What happens if I violate a non-compete clause in Texas? However, Texas lawmakers have developed an exception to this rule by leaving non-compete obligations enforceable in certain circumstances.

A recent court case confirms that an employer`s ability to enforce a non-compete obligation depends heavily on the specific facts and circumstances. The case, heard this month by an appeals court, upheld the decision of the court that heard the case last year. The problem with non-competition clauses is that many companies draft overly restrictive agreements that would never hold if challenged in court. .